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Massage – A Simple Way to Healthy Living


Abhyanga (massage) is a type of passive exercise that takes the strain off the physical exercise especially ideal for those of you that want or need to avoid the physical strain. Whether for prevention or cure, a good Ayurveda massage is always your best route to general wellness. An Easy Way Towards Wellness Healing herbal … Read more

Ayurveda Therapies For Different Doshas

Pradhan Karma

According to the Indian herbal medicine studies and practices carried out through the six-thousand-year-old history of herbal medicine, all bodily disorders and/or diseases, etc… are caused by the loss in one’s ‘Doshas’ equilibrium. Proven Theory and Ayurveda Therapy Based on this proven theory, any kind of Ayurveda therapy works around the ‘Doshas’ equilibrium stabilizing in … Read more

Dealing Thyroid Problems With Treatment in Ayurveda


Thyroid Symptoms Thyroid problems usually result from the inability of the thyroid gland to perform its normal functions. The thyroid gland is one of the chief components of the endocrine glands along with the pituitary glands, adrenal glands, parathyroid glands, testes, ovaries, and the pancreas. On the other hand, the endocrine glands control the metabolism. … Read more

Benefits of Panchakarma Treatments and Therapies


What is Panchakarma? Panchakarma is known as a purifying treatment based on Ayurvedic Medicine from India. This method is considered as a very specific and sophisticated form of cleansing therapy in natural remedies. The therapy involved fivefold purification therapy – medicated oil therapies, perspiring remedies, dietary plans, therapeutic massage, and eradication of toxic from the … Read more