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9 Amazing Benefits of Curd and How to Make it

benefits of curd

Yogurt or curd has numerous health benefits. For a long time, many health experts have recommended it for getting rid of several health ailments. In some Asian countries such as India, it is compulsory to take curd together with meals. If the meal has no curd, it is believed to be incomplete. It is also … Read more

Ayurveda Diet Tips For Pitta Body Type

cool climate for pitta body

Do you get to know somebody who seems to complain his/her body is always hot? It doesn’t matter if they’re overweight or if it’s freezing outside. Some people just tend to sweat and overheat easily. They’re usually the ones that can get away with only wearing a lightweight jacket in freezing temperatures. They’re also some … Read more

Ayurveda Food Combining Chart and Guideline

food combining chart

Many people would like to know how they can improve their digestion and how they can eliminate the uncomfortable of heartburn, gas, acid reflux, acne and other discomforts that they have. Well, most of the times all of these discomforts are actually caused by improper food combining. When people first start to eat ayurvedic food, … Read more

Watermelon is a Great Thirst Quencher in Ayurveda


Watermelon is a great thirst quencher. It is a most welcome fruit during the scorching Indian summer. Its botanical name is Citrullus Lanatus. It is called watermelon in English and ‘Tarbry’ in Hindi. It belongs to the family of the Cucurbitaceae ( Cucumber) family. Watermelon is native of Tropical Africa with probably a secondary center … Read more