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Know About Herbal Extracts and Tonics

The herbal extracts are the extracts from plants or herbs.

Herbal extracts are normally in the liquid form and are generally being used as preservatives of active constituents and their long shelf life for at least one to three years.

herbal extracts
herbal extracts

The herbal extracts are convenient to use. Without any effort, you can add them in your water, tea, juice, or can be taken directly in their form.

They add supplements to our body to cope with excess pressure, tension, mental stress, aggravations, and apprehensions of the day of today’s life.

Today’s life has become very mechanical and monotonous with no time to fulfill or meet our own personal needs and take care of our health. Therefore, you can get these readily available herbal extracts from the market.

Fresh or dried high-quality plants or plant material, or both are used in the preparation of herbal extracts. With the help of organic grain and grape alcohol, herbal extracts are normally extracted with the help of different kinds of distillations like steam, cool pressed, hydro, and so on.

These extracts are prepared in a high-quality process of extracting methods, integrity, and careful details. Most of the herbal extracts are packaged and marketed in amber glass.

Instructions to use and store are also provided on them so that there is no confusion in the usage.

Herbal extracts are used in cosmetics also to preserve the active materials used in them.

Few examples of herbal extracts used in cosmetics are arrowroot extract, green tea extract, Cucurbita extract, lemon extract, melon extract, wild mint extract, pear extract, chestnut extract, peach extract, pineapple extract, bio-pearl extract, and so on.

These extracts are added in the anti-aging, anti-dandruff, deodorant, hair growth promotion (hair straightening or lightening), moisturizers, conditioners, UV-absorption products, and others.

Single herbal extract, combination herbal extract, extract made from glycerin and syrups are few popular herbal extracts available in the market.

Health Herbal Tonics

The body’s immunization system is the main safeguarding system that helps us maintain a healthy life. Ayurveda medicine and health studies promote the practice and use of different herbal remedies to prevent and/or cure any immunization disorder by increasing the Ojas.

Healing Herbal Tonics

Here are some of the healing herbal tonics acting as ‘Rasayanas’. Please note that the following are especially beneficial to anyone who is underweight or suffers from physical and muscle weakness.


Consume 3 or 4 figs early in the morning while drinking 250ml of warm milk maybe even added by a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the milk’s flavor.

This tonic is also a natural herbal medicine for constipation and anemia. 2 walnuts, 4 almonds, and 7 raisins left soaked overnight in water will produce a fine herbal product tonic when consumed together with 250ml of warm milk and well chewed.

Take one bit of dried dates without seeds, 2 bits of dry coconut, and 3 of sugar candy. Break them into little bits and mix them all together. Consuming 50g of the said herbal nutrition mix is also very healthy for children fighting disorders causing tonsillitis, cough or cold, indigestion, and even teeth related diseases.

Equal quantities of grated unpeeled apples and carrots should be consumed on an empty stomach in doses of a maximum of 200g in the morning. Don’t eat in the consequent 2hrs.

Ayurveda herb tonics particularly for infants;

Soak 1 almond in water overnight to afterward peel (in the morning) and grind into a paste. Add 1g of honey.

This tonic is extremely efficient for infants not younger than 4 months to help them in their mental and physical development.

Soak 25g of black chickpeas in water overnight and present for consumption in the morning. Strengthening the lungs and reduction of cholesterol are amongst this herbal medicine natural benefits together with acting as an effective natural herbal remedy for weak digestion and congestions/heaviness feeling.

Take 2 to 3 dry dates and soak them in water in the morning to then boil in the evening mixed with 250ml of milk until half the quantity is left. After the mix is left to cool add some honey as a sweetener and consume.

Take one hour before going to sleep and avoid drinking water afterward. This tonic will increase the Dhatus, strengthens the lungs, and increases blood circulation together with cleaning the bowels and alleviating the Vittas and Pittas.

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