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Ayurvedic Practice for Human Being

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The age of teenagers generally consists of those ages from 10 to 20. This is basically the interval for adolescence to evolve from childhood to adulthood. The mental and physical of a teenager will keep on growing. The adolescent is going to experience a fast growth of sexual maturation as well. Parents should have knowledge … Read more

Ayurveda Job Opportunities In Medicine and Treatment

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There is a very bright future of alternative medicine like Ayurveda therapy. There is a huge market for Ayurveda job vacancies in India like healing systems play an important role in soothing illness in either acute or chronic. The low toxicity, low adverse effects, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of administration make them indispensable as valuable conventional medicine … Read more

The Top Ayurveda Tips You Should Know About

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Ayurveda is an old healthcare system that’s estimated to be at least 5,000 years old. It has its roots in the Vedic culture of India. Although it was a suppressed science during the British occupation, Ayurveda has experienced a significant revival both in its native land and around the world. You may not know it, … Read more

Knowing What is Ayurveda All About


Many people may never hear of this and are curious to want to know what is Ayurveda all about? Ayurveda is the Sanskrit language; while in Hindi it is called आयुर्वेद. “Ayur “refers to life, while “Veda” refers to knowledge or wisdom. When these two words join together, it means “life of science”, or refer … Read more