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Ayurveda Treatment In India

ayurveda treatment

What is Ayurveda? Indian Ayurveda – the quondam science of Indian holistic living says – how you live is what you become? It is the oldest scientific discipline, senescent for three and a half millennia, know to humanity to date. A discipline for right living, Ayurveda was heralded in the Indian subcontinent some 5000 years … Read more

The Wisdom of Caraka

caraka ayurveda

Caraka was an amazing person. He was a doctor, teacher and preceptor rolled into one. Due to western influence, we are more aware of Hippocrates than our great medical Gurus like Athreya, Caraka, and Susruta. Caraka’s Samhita is the “Bible” of Ayurveda. What he wrote in his Samhita continues to influence modern physicians, scientists, and … Read more

A Best Practice Guide: An Ayurvedic Daily Routine

ayurveda routine

Ayurveda Daily Health Routine -Dinacharya The benefits of following a daily routine are manifold, any routine that is adhered to instills stability and calmness and reliability within your life. The subtler aspects of mind and body are nurtured by this reliability. Harmony in your life ensues and harmony creates a calm mind and a healthy … Read more

Top 10 Ayurveda Books Reviews

ayurveda books

If we read the history of Ayurveda through Ayurveda books, we will know that history through the ages has always thought us that the best remedies for any kind of aches, sickness, or any other alteration in the body and mind, is always the natural way using herbal medicines and remedies. And definitely, your best … Read more



Sexuality is a very creative act offered by a highly positive and fulfilling nature that stimulates energies and gives intense pleasure to body, mind, and soul. Especially human beings are blessed with sexuality that is just above all other living beings’ physical urges. When the human spirit enters the physical realms by incarnation on this … Read more