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Shanama, Purva Karma and Shodhana

Shanama, Purva Karma and Shodhana

Shanama The word Shamana in itself from which this Ayurveda therapy takes its name literally means to suppress and/or balance. The health herbal therapy mentioned here is advisable for anyone suffering from light disorders where the Doshas is not well-rooted yet. On the other hand, elimination therapy is time-consuming whereas time is an important factor … Read more

Ayurveda Health Science in the Vedic Era

intro to ayurveda

In Hindu inscriptions, one can read many references and renditions of occurrences that prove that herbal medicines and practices are already in good use and relatively advanced during the Vedic ages. Such references, found in the old texts are the implantation of a steel leg replacing a broken one on King Ravel’s daughter and the … Read more