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Dealing Thyroid Problems With Treatment in Ayurveda

Thyroid Symptoms

Thyroid problems usually result from the inability of the thyroid gland to perform its normal functions. The thyroid gland is one of the chief components of the endocrine glands along with the pituitary glands, adrenal glands, parathyroid glands, testes, ovaries, and the pancreas.

On the other hand, the endocrine glands control the metabolism. This is the reason why chemical changes in the organs and the body as a whole happen.

Thyroid disease

The thyroid gland secretes thyroxine, a hormone that is significant in regulating the body’s metabolism. Any imbalance in the production of this hormone can lead to thyroid problems such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Thyroid problems are manifested by the deterioration of bodily functions, slow pulse, a decrease of blood pressure, hoarse voice, irritability, weak immune system, being more prone to infections, swollen and drooping eyes, fatigue, and many others. That is the reason why you need to consult your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of those signs.

Consuming foods that have a high content of iodine is recommended including shellfish, root vegetables, and white onions. It is important to avoid foods that can hamper the proper function of the thyroid.

Among the foods to avoid are cauliflower, green mustard, cabbage, sweet potatoes, spinach, and maize. The good news is that people with thyroid problems can use Ayurveda to treat the problem.

Ayurvedic Treatments and Remedies

Thyroid treatment in Ayurveda recommends taking a proper diet. Adequate intake of milk is the key to preventing goiter formation. Likewise, consuming barley, old rice, Bengal gram, moong dal, sugar juice, cucumber, and other milk products can be a great help for goiter patients. However, it is necessary to avoid heavy and sour substances.

In addition, this type of Ayurvedic treatment also includes herbs like Kanchanara-Bauhinia Variegata or the purple mountain ebony. This herb improves the performance of the thyroid. Other herbs include Brahmi, Jatamansi, Shilajita, and Guggulu as well as Punarnava and Gokshura.

There are also home remedies that especially to treat the disease. Applying a paste made from Jalakumbhi on the swollen area can reduce the swelling. It is also advisable to take 11 to 22 grams of Jalakumbhi juice daily in order to increase the iodine in the body.

People suffering from thyroid problems should take coconut oil as it is believed to rev up the metabolism. Coconut oil contains fatty acid chains like the MCT or the medium-chain triglycerides and the MCFA or the medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids offer health benefits to the body.

Practice Yoga

yoga practice
Another useful thyroid treatment in Ayurveda is by performing yoga. Before medical science was introduced, many people have been practicing Ayurveda yoga because it helps in improving health. This is also applicable to maintaining healthy glands and good metabolism.

Sarvangasana is one of the powerful postures in yoga that works well in improving the functions of the thyroid gland. Other yoga practices can promote better thyroid gland health.

Treating thyroid diseases would take a span of time and there is a possibility of recurrence if the deficiency in iodine is not corrected. That is why a proper diet is recommended and taking the thyroid treatment in Ayurveda should also be observed.

Improving Health with Natural Thyroid Remedies

Natural thyroid remedies offer a wealth of holistic, complementary, and alternative treatment to thyroid conditions.

The thyroid gland is the gatekeeper of the body’s metabolic functions.

To avoid the potential havoc caused by thyroid problems in the body, you need immediate diagnosis and treatment.

But for someone who worries about the underlying concerns on the side-effects and general effectiveness of thyroid medications, trying out a variety of natural remedies for hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems provides healing with lots of other significant health benefits.


Problems with thyroid functions may result from the deficiency of specific food nutrients, vitamins, or minerals.

With the aid of natural food supplements, you can have cost-effective and relatively safe natural thyroid remedies.

Iodine deficiency has been linked to problems with thyroid functions. Hence, by increasing iodine intake, you can effectively restore balance and correct thyroid problems like hypothyroidism.

Although iodine can be found in vegetables and fruits, the iodine depletion in today’s soil results in low iodine content in our foodstuffs.

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of natural remedies for hypothyroidism and other general thyroid problems, you need to increase your consumption of kelp (see Kelp Powder), yogurt, eggs, meat, potatoes, parsley, banana, oatmeal, and seafood.

Iodine tablets or kelp tablets may also be used.

Selenium supplements are tagged as the “sleeping giant” of natural thyroid remedies.

Selenium deficiency is known to reduce the activity of thyroid hormones.

It suppresses the activity of anti-thyroid antibodies, which is helpful in soothing thyroid inflammation or thyroiditis.

In this light, eliminating selenium deficiency is the key to improving thyroid problems.

Making sure that you get the daily-recommended allowance for this mineral can restore balance to thyroid problems.

Last of all, taking tyrosine supplements helps restore balance to thyroid hormone levels.

Tyrosine is also helpful in assisting the body in manufacturing thyroid hormones from iodine.

Healing Herbs

Herbs have been a common fixture to natural thyroid remedies.

Not only do they play vital roles in maintaining normal thyroid functions, but they also help correct thyroid and thyroid hormone problems.

Herbs like Avena sativa are helpful in alleviating the symptoms of thyroid problems. It’s calming and mood-enhancing benefits help manage the depression and anxiety problems related to thyroid conditions.

In the practice of Ayurveda, a traditional Indian folk medicine, using Coleus forskolin is helpful in correcting hypothyroidism.

Other helpful herbs include Paonia ginseng, acorns, and Dioscorea Poria.


Thyroid problems may be experienced due to poor food choices.

There are some food items that actually cause low thyroid hormone levels, which are called goitrogenic foods.

This food group includes rutabaga, Brussel sprouts, turnips, radishes, cabbage, millet, broccoli, cauliflower, soy, and kale.

These foods tend to deliver thyroid inhibiting substances.

Although this property is largely inactivated by cooking, you need to refrain from consuming them to improve thyroid problems.

Instead, focus on incorporating more seafood, whole grains, seeds, and nuts into your diet

Natural Remedies vs. Medications

Conventional thyroid treatments that involve drug medications are basically designed to replenish the decrease in thyroid hormone levels.

While they are administered in various potencies, they require continuous monitoring given their nature and their risks of unwanted side-effects.

On the other hand, natural thyroid remedies help restore normal thyroid function with careful dieting, herbal cures (see Thyroid Support Capsules under Gaia Phyto Capsules), and nutrient supplements, which are all generally safe and free from potentially harmful side-effects.

The holistic healing approach of natural remedies delivers more health benefits including increased energy and vitality.

It is also equally helpful in preventing the hidden health hazards of thyroid conditions.

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