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Ayurveda for Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments in Ayurvedic Way

All of us would love to have a nice and healthy hair. Unfortunately more and more people are suffering from hair loss. The loss of hair in most cases is caused by a shrinking hairline which is called hair fall. This eventually expands to become bald patches and thinning hair.

Since western medicine doesn’t have effective treatment to re-grow hair again, many people are turning to Ayurveda for hair loss treatments. You only need to follow some simple steps in Ayurveda to regain your hair in a strong and healthy state.

hair loss

Basic Understanding

Partial or complete loss of hair is called alopecia and it usually develops gradually and may be patchy or all over (diffuse). The average scalp for human beings contains about 100,000 hairs and studies show that losing up to 100-150 hairs per day is normal.

Loss of hair from the head or body is known as Alopecia. In some cases, alopecia is due to underlying medical conditions, such as iron deficiency. If left untreated, or if the disease does not respond to treatment, complete baldness can result in the affected area, which is referred to as Alopecia Totalis. Besides, compulsive pulling of hair can also produce hair loss.

Since hair transplantation is not so common and affordable for everyone, so we need an alternative way to stop hair fall. The best ways to treat the root causes and not only deal with the symptoms. By solving that you can expect your lost hair to come back again!

There are two patterns of losing hair – male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. There are many causes of scalp hair loss, and they do differ in men and women.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

It can be attributable to elevated susceptibility to male sex hormones (androgens) in certain scalp areas. Some guys are having scalp areas which pretty sensitive to the male sex hormones that circulate in the blood of men.

Such hormones make the follicles of hair with the cycle of hair grow to shrink. The hormones gradually become so small until they are not capable to replace lost hair. The hair follicles tend to remain in existence but are no longer having the ability to carry out their mission.

This problem commonly commences in men by the age of 20 – 30 and normally will have a pattern to follow. After all, the matter of the baldness typically relates to your genes, where in most cases the problem is inherited from parents.

In accordance with Ayurveda, a human hair is nourished via the nutrient plasma that’s producing from the food items a person consumes. Particular food items contain an adverse effect and will result in excess Pitta Dosha. This means the excess heat generated in the body system is causing the hair loss problem in men.

Aside from Pitta Dosha, there are still many other reasons that will cause hair loss which including hormonal imbalance, insomnia, hypertension, dandruff, constipation, fungal infections, intoxicating substances, diabetes, lupus, and others. The solutions offered by Ayurvedic hair re-growth are therefore targeted on these core issues and diseases.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The understanding of Ayurveda is that cellular nutrition is circulated through the tissue layers. Ayurveda identifies the tissue of nail and hair as a waste by-product cells produced together with good healthy bone tissue which is known as mala of Asthi Dhatu. At this point, the nerve tissue (Majja Dhatu) flows through the bone marrow. Place a detrimental and low-grade vibe in the nerve tissue of women and vibrate the bones tissue into a low-spirited state.

For the hair loss issue in women, insufficient positive vibe in the nerve tissue which results in stress seems to be a huge factor. Needless to say, anyone of the doshas in the digestive tract will probably have an effect on Asthi Dhatu.

For pitta women, they may get disorder like a significant inflammatory reaction of her side-line nerve tissue that causes women’s hair to fall. For women with Kapha imbalances is an enormous backup of waste products and ama in the intestines that block the bone metabolic process.

Pregnancy is certainly one significant example of the physical stress level which could result in hair fall. Women will experience more significant hair loss during pregnancy and the situation will recover after delivery of the baby.

Ayurveda for Hair Loss Home Remedies With Different Herbs

1. Bhringaraj
Many Ayurveda doctors treat this as king of herbs for hair remedy due to the fact that Bhringaraj can provide tremendous effect for hair re-growth. You just need to make a paste out from the leaves and put it on the top of the head for a period of time before washing it off. If you can’t find this herb, you may go buy dried Bhringraj in a pack.

Once you get the pack, steep 5 tablespoons of the dried Bhringraj in warm water and apply the paste for 20-25 mins well before washing off. Carrying out this task once a day will help for hair growth.

2. Methi
This is a magical herb for baldness treatment in Ayurveda that can be found and regularly used the herb in many households. Methi is an incredible herb treatment for the growth of hair.

When you using this herb, you can grind some slightly dry roasted methi, in making a paste according to hair length with warm water and apply the paste for 20-25 mins well before washing off.

3. Ashwagandha
This is the herb that commonly used to alleviating a person of the Pitta Dosha. This is the type of herb that features with anti-oxidant that can relieve someone who has hair fall problem. Apply 6 mg capsule of ashwagandha and drink with warm water.

You may take it on a daily basis and this can cleanse your body system and detoxification to eliminate toxic compounds. Ashwagandha enables you to feel rejuvenated and healthier as it can heal your stress, boosts vigor, and assists grow back lost hair.

4. Amla
This is known as Indian gooseberry and is loaded with Vitamin C. Thus, it is full of herbal antioxidants. Amla can be combined with Brahmi and henna in powdered form coupled with curd to form a superb pack for hair care and baldness treatment in Ayurveda.

5. Brahmi
It is a creeping herb indigenous to the wetlands of southern India. You can find this hair pack in most of the grocery stores in India and mixed it with curd to form a great hair pack for hair growth.

6. Ritha
It is better known as Reetha. These are typically organic fruit of the soap nut tree. They are widely used for washing hair without the need for stripping off the natural herbal oils. Many people used them in powdered form to help them massage the scalp for around 20 minutes before washing off.

7. Neem
Its medical name is known as Azadirachta indica, which is an evergreen tree native to India. Using Neem oil is a purely natural remedy to protect against lice and dandruff. Besides, it also has an effect of purifying the blood. You can use it in powdered form with curd or coconut oil to massage your scalp.

Other Alternative Herbs

Besides the recommended herbs from India just now, you can still find a lot of other herbs that can help to cure hair fall. These included:

  • Stinging Nettle
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Pygeum (Pygeum Africanum): Africa
  • Green Tea (Camellia Sinesis)
  • Channelled Wrack (Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract)
  • Dong Quai: Chinese
  • He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum): Chinese
  • Ginseng: Chinese


Homeopathic Medicine and the Essential Drive

A lot of practitioners ever said that homeopathy medicine cures the person, not the disease. This indicates Ayurveda homeopathy remedies are prescribed based on personal conditions and symptoms, instead of the label of disease.

With this instance, the homeopathic medicine and remedy for hair loss won’t work in all Alopecia areata cases. The truth is, different Alopecia areata cases will need different homeopathic treatments and remedies.

When it comes to the essential drive for homeopathy which is also referred to as the healing power of the human body system, it is the energy forces that taking care of the body system health functionality. This healing power enables your body to coordinate internally and protect against disease.

However, a person will fall into sick when this power is fluctuated by inappropriate diet, stress, weakened immune system, hormone imbalances, ailment, toxins in the environment, or genetic problems.

The ailment symptoms which including hair loss are the external indication of the essential drive that make an effort to adjust imbalances and restore order in a person’s body. It’s the task of the homeopath to provide a treatment or remedy and assist to rebuild the effectiveness of the organism so that it could gain back its health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda Treatments

Yoga and Meditation

Inverted asanas like Sarvangasana is having the ability to reversing the gravitational forces of the human body and boosts blood circulation. This can be ideal hair loss treatment. Practicing yoga can enhance the circulation of blood to the scalp.

If you never practice yoga before, you may seek guidance from a yoga teacher to practice asanas. Besides, you also need to practice yoga breathing exercises so that you can efficiently control anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it can boost digestive function.

Practicing yoga and meditation to prevent hair fall, you will not only getting healthy hair but in addition gain benefits for your whole body system. Yoga and meditation combined can improve your health mentally and physically as well.

Massage with Medicated Herbal Oils

Forcing blood into the scalp 3 times a week can elevate the circulation of blood. Intense massaging could stimulate the sebaceous glands. By applying the essential oil with massaging will make an effect to enhance and nourish the scalp.

Sesame, coconut, and almond oil can be used for massage therapy for different doshas. Besides, there are many therapists making use of honey and apple cider vinegar to activate the growth of hair follicles.

ayurveda for hair loss
Ayurveda for hair loss

Prevention with Ayurveda

Our hair needs hair oil to remain healthy. However, in the western world, hair oil is rather an uncommon concept for them since they can conceive in the get rid of oil from our skin and hair with cleansing soap and shampoo, but certainly not applying oil into any of our body.

While utilizing hair oil been a common practice in the eastern world. Most of the essential oils that we use are combined with herbs that can be used to stimulating our scalp for hair re-growth. You can massage your scalp with a few drops of oil before going to bed. This oil will help you to get good sleep and boost body metabolism.

Natural hair loss remedies

Ayurveda Diet for Hair Loss
A diet that rich in iron and high protein is suggested for people who are suffering from hair loss. Consume an adequate amount of fresh fruits, raw, and green leafy vegetables, and salads on your daily meal will have a tremendous effect in balancing your mind and reduce your stress. Ensure that you are taking a healthy diet every day with all the essential nutrients.

Aloe vera is widely used as a medicine that will help in hair care. You may take 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice every day. Also, you can take 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel to combine with a pinch of cumin. Taking 3 times daily and continue for 3 months and you are going to discover the magic it has in controlling hair loss.

Don’t comb wet hair:
Our hair is fragile and easy getting damage when it’s in moist and wet conditions. Therefore, it is advisable for you to prevent combing your hair after bath especially for women who have long hair. You should wait for your hair to dry naturally and then only start combing.

Drink a lot of water:
70% of the human body is constituted of water. So, water is a vital component in our body. Our body only will stay in good condition if it is well hydrated. The enzymes and hormones in our body will only function well if they receive a sufficient amount of water.

Generally, a person should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep our body in good condition. With healthy hormones running through our entire body, it will also protect our hair well.

Having good sleep:
Having enough sleep every night is incredibly important to maintain our health. We need enough sleep to totally relax our body after a hectic routine during day time. While you are sleeping, it is the time for most of the tissues to rejuvenate. Different people may require a different amount of hours for sleeping.

However, generally, a person will need to sleep for 8 hours every day. Sleeping is vital for a person to remain healthy and will prevent one from hair loss.

As of now, you should already understand what you need to do in order for you to keep your hair healthy. You may pick the treatment and remedy that best suit you and follow it on a regular basis.

If you do it right and being persistent, after some time you will found you have regained your hair is a thick and strong condition.

Simple hair care shouldn’t be too difficult for you to perform. You may be taking care of your hair with the right products and right treatment practices such as yoga, meditation, self-care, exercising. You should practice detoxing your body in case your colon isn’t adding nourishment appropriately to your bones and hair.

Hair fall home remedies are ideal ways of assisting hair growth and you are going to regain a full head of hair again if you doing everything right.

Ayurveda Products for Hair Loss

brahmi hair oil

Brahmi Oil – Ayurvedic Hair Growth massage oil

Vadik Herbs Brahmi Amla Oil
Vadik Herbs Brahmi-Amla Oil – 8 oz by Bazaar of India

Is Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss Really Efficient?

Losing hair is an awful symptom damaging your lifestyle. You can not enjoy a perfect hair cut, you should take of masking your bald head, finally, you have to put a wig on your head to feel better in the society. Hair loss is hard to treat as it is just a symptom.

As you know treating a symptom will not favor until the reason is revealed. To effectively treat hair loss one should be examined and tested. Or turn to alternative medicine means.

losing hair
losing hair

How Can Ayurveda Help?

Ayurveda is an Indian tradition of curing all diseases known to traditional medicine however using uncommon methods. The means and methods of this Indian system are considered to be effective in hair loss treatment. How Ayurveda can help in reducing the loss of your hair?

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss provides a complex approach including meditation, diet, yoga-practicing, aromatherapy, and special breathing techniques. However, the main aim is to drastically change your lifestyle saturating it with a healthy way of life, healthy food, and healthy leisure.

The ayurvedic treatment for hair loss recommends keeping to a special diet. Nutrition is one of the reasons you lose your hair. Your body lacks special elements which you should consume with your meal to build healthy and strong hair.

The ayurvedic diet for hair loss control includes sesame seeds which should be consumed in small amounts each day on an empty stomach (the seeds will enrich your diet with magnesium and calcium which are essential for hair growth, strengthening, and renewal), yogurt.

You should add to your diet green vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables, grains, nuts, and milk products. All these meals are rich in essential elements building your hair and helping to recover it.

ayurvedic treatment for hair loss
ayurvedic treatment for hair loss

Ayurveda is a pure medicine propagating the purity of your life. You should consume natural products reducing to the minimum synthetic meals including vitamins and beauty care products. It is highly recommended to refuse alcohol consumption and smoking as the habits ruin your body and affect your hair condition.

Ayurvedic treatment to grow your hair also includes herbs and herbal means. The herbs are used for consuming and hair applications. Thus apple cider vinegar is helpful for hair rinsing.

Burdock tea supplemented with marshmallows will stimulate hair growth. Herbs are also helpful for scalp massaging increasing blood circulation and thus stimulating the growth of the new hair. Horsetail, rosemary, and birch are best to make a portion massaging oil.

Why Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss should help?
Alternative medicine turns to ancient practices of body and mind purification. The system balances all the body processes thus treating not only the symptoms as hair loss is commonly a symptom and not a disease is.

Ayurveda is curing inner diseases, imbalance of the body. Following the principles of Ayurveda, you will notice the improvements in your hair condition in a few weeks.

As you see the ayurvedic treatment offers you to improve your nutrition keeping to healthy diet food, your lifestyle offering refusing of social habits, and some pleasant treatments and applications for your hair and skin.

Ayurvedic massage oil for Hair Growth – Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil

brahmi hair oilbuy from amazon

Massaging of hair & scalp with proper nutritional hair oil provides additional nutrition to the scalp plus prevents hair loss. Caressing also increases the blood circulation in the scalp & this keeps the hair roots great. Good for combating dandruff and dry head. Contains fresh Brahmi (Gotu Kola) leaves in an all-natural coconut oil basic.

Laritelle ayurveda hair loss remedybuy from amazon

So far I really like this product. I have a bald spot within the front. The spot is filling up with the usage of this oil. It has created my hair THICK extremely THICK from fine and damaged. It needs to become used as directed.

Unless its made use of like that you can see no final results. I am an Indian and my hair is black. My hair has in no way felt so soft, shiny, and black before. Will definitely repurchase. Actually, I’m considering stocking up!

NaturOli Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo
This is an organic hair care shampoo that rich with Ayurvedic ingredients.

NaturOli Soap Nutbuy from amazon

You can find formulated “EXTREME Hair” Soap Nuts Shampoos with the utmost care even though deciding on only the highest quality of ultra-rich, helpful botanical extracts and oils especially targeting hair and scalp concerns.

This shampoo may be the most effective one that I have ever tried. My hair is smooth and shiny. It takes two or three occasions to soap the hair to eliminate filth resulting from organic ingredients as well as a lot of oil extracts in shampoo. It works very well and is recommended for those who are looking for ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss Recipes

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