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Beware of Fake Ayurveda and Medical Job Offers

If you are greedy here, no one can save you from being duped. There are plenty of offers that hit our inbox, some of them look so realistic. But then, the ground reality is all different.

Generally, these mails are spams and fake that first offer job or service with great money and then gradually ask for file charge or show some expenses that require you to pay money.

This is an utterly criminal act. In fact, many Nigerians, Africans, Kenyans, etc have been caught red-handed in India when the victim had shown a doubt and reported complaints to the police.

fraudulent mails
fraudulent mails

In spite of all this, fraudulent emails keep on flooding your inbox and there is no cure for that. If you block one e-mail id, mail will pop up from another one.

These fraud people use different email ids and different offers at regular intervals. There are certain points you must keep in mind reading these emails so that to save your time, efforts, and money.

How to know mail is fraudulent, spam, and fake? Read these points:

1. Carefully see from where the mail has been sent?

Generally, these emails are sent from ‘free email’ providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Ymail, and the like. You will have a human resource email as hrlemeridien@gmail.com rather than hr@lemeridien.com (example).

2. Checkout for the extension.

Even if you see that the mail is not being sent from Gmail, Yahoo, etc free email services, checkout for the extension and compare it with the original website googling it. For example, hr@lemeridien.co.in is an all different website than the original/official webpage which is lemeridien.com. Understand this difference and you will never be trapped.

3. Checkout the language.

Generally, such fraudulent emails contain lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, syntax errors are quite common. You can think about it as the CEO of a renowned company won’t have these many mistakes when he offers job to you!

4. Checkout the presentation of the mail.

Actually the people who send fraudulent emails are fools. They think that the reader would be attracted to different colored fonts. This ends up putting several font colors in the mail offering the job. Also, you find bold letters, italics and red/blue font with big sized fonts.

5. Simply Google the text.

These frauds are lazy bum! They do not even type their own words and rely on ‘already formatted’ texts. Simply pick up one line, put it between two inverted commas, and google it. You’d find that texts everywhere on the internet! (In the example given below, you can find this ‘formatted’ text!

6. Play and carry on.

If you are quite not confident whether the offer is genuine, start playing! Start replying (but never give your personal telephone number, address, bank account, or even Paypal or the like) positively and play with good words making those dupery people fool. One fine day, you will see them begging for money! Simply stop communicating than on!


Fraudulent Email #1:

Subject: Monstergulf Job alert! Vacancy for Immediate Employment

Article Body:

Dear Applicant,
We’ve just gone through your details at (Monstergulf.com) and seeing your profile on the medical field really motivates me to be in touch with you. I will like to offer you a job in my family as an Au pair/Teacher with that it can be easy for you to secure a good job here based on your qualification and experience.

I am Mr. Acton Williams, 47 years old man, a Forensic Scientist by profession I am not usually at home except during weekends, I urgently need a home Au pair/Teacher for my child… Name Ann. She is 4 years of age.

We are a happy family residing in Northern Ireland, I am a very busy man and so to my wife, who is working with an International firm as Chief Operating Officer (COO). We are very busy people and do not stay at home regularly that is why we need a Family Au pair/Teacher to take good care of our child at home and after school hrs

I am offering GBP 4,900 every four weeks and GBP 800 weekly as a Domestic allowance… You will have your own apartment with a personal bathroom and toilet. If you are willing to work for my family, we will provide you a personal car that you will use here, I shall also get you a part-time job here in Northern Ireland where you can earn more money during morning hrs because you will only be taking care of my child after school hrs.

Your duty is to teach and take good care of the child, make sure that she performs her school home works, give additional lectures Etc. If you are interested in this offer kindly email me back at this email: info.actonwilliams@gmail.com with your updated (PROFILE/CV) or call me with this number so that I can be able to get back to you immediately.

I await your urgent response,

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail.


Mr. Acton Williams
Direct Contact No: +44 702 403 4720,
+44 701 113 6707
Email: info.actonwilliams@gmail.com

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