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Best Ayurveda Beverages for Total Body Detox

There’s lots of misinformation when It comes to detox diets, and what and how much to drink.

Over and over we are told to drink eight glasses of water every day. According to the principles of Ayurveda, how much water your body needs on any given day is determined by your body type and constitution. Kapha types tend to retain fluids and especially during the Spring so it would likely not be recommended that they drink 8 glasses of water a day.

What would be most beneficial to Kapha types, especially during a cleansing program is to sip warm, freshly made, ginger tea. It stimulates and warms digestion and helps to clear and thin mucous.

drinking water
drinking water

Pitta types can benefit from drinking more water especially if they are active in sports and athletic endeavors….it helps to cool the body and to rehydrate when fluids are lost due to sweating.

But most important is the quality of the water you consume. With many people feeling a “crunch” in their pocketbooks at the grocery check out………don’t risk your physical or financial health on bottled water.

Lemon or Lime for Optimal Digestion

In Ayurveda, one of the ways to achieve health, balance, and good digestion is to incorporate all of the six tastes into a meal: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. (Get my report, “The Six Tastes of Ayurveda” CLICK HERE ). This can help to prevent toxins from accumulating as undigested food.

The energetic quality of a particular food can create either balance or imbalance, depending on the season and one’s body type (dosha).

LEMON relives all the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha but should be used in moderation for pitta types, especially during warmer months. It helps to improve Agni, (digestive fire), so it is beneficial to digestion, especially for Vata types. in excess, it can create too much acid and heat for pitta.

lemon and lime
lemon and lime

LIME is beneficial to all three doshas as well, but is more cooling for pitta types and thus a good choice during warmer seasons. Kapha types may find it too cooling to add to water on a daily basis, especially during Spring and winter months

It is always a good idea to tune in to your body’s internal wisdom in making a choice like this. Often your body will crave what it needs most. I f you have a taste for lemon on a particular day then have it. If you have to choke down a lime at a particular time of year, then it’s not right for you at that time.

As for drinking water with your meal, I don’t recommend it…….While you are eating. Here’s why: it dilutes your digestive enzymes starting with the saliva in your mouth. Your digestive process starts in your mouth with the release of enzymes to assist in the initial breakdown of food. Consuming beverages while your eating dilutes the enzymes and they become less effective at breaking down food, putting added strain on your stomach and small intestines, and increasing the likelihood of toxins building up as the result of undigested food.

The best time to have water is at the end of your meal, or in between meals, but not during.

Body Detox with Triphala

Most of the time the average person thinks if they take a colon cleanser, cut back on what they eat, and do a little “juicing” that they have done enough to support cleansing of toxins from their body. Unfortunately, this is not really accurate.

Toxins are stored and held deep within the tissues and need more than the conditions above to be successfully removed. And in the case of detoxification to reverse a chronic illness it will take considerably more time, effort, and support…..but the good news is, it can be done.


One of the most gentle yet powerful herbs that can assist with a complete and successful cleansing is an Ayurvedic herb called Triphala. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine for many conditions, is safe, and doesn’t create dependency in the colon.

Why is that important? Most cleansing herbs roto-root your colon, deplete it of critically needed moisture, and when you stop taking them, your body goes back to its old way of functioning.

Triphala, on the other hand, draws toxins from the deep within the tissues and bloodstream and supports the colon in removing them, without stripping fluids from the digestive tract. Triphala has been used to treat many chronic illnesses in India and around the world for thousands of years.

Tips For Detoxification of Body

In this era of fitness fetishism, it should be easy as pie to get your body back in gear. Right. You may wander through a haze of mind-numbing Google searches -an endless blur of diet books and websites -but nothing may work as good as detoxification.

Luckily, the vital organs in the human body such as kidneys, liver, skin, spleen, and intestines are divinely engineered for eliminating the toxins produced as by-products by our body’s own chemical reactions. But then, they give up on toxic overload created by polluted environments, improper and unbalanced diets, and unhealthy lifestyles.

The best way is to detoxify the body using herbs, natural extracts, vegetables, fresh fruits, and other natural ingredients. But then, if you practice it wrongly, you may end up in hazards. Moreover, there are certain cases where people have faced adverse reactions due to detox therapies!

Things to remember before you start any detoxification program:

  1. Never do a juice-based or any other kind of extreme detox for more than two days without any medical supervision.
  2. The aim of a detox program is to cleanse the body and not to lose weight. So work and expectations accordingly.
  3. Remember that when you return to your normal diet after any detoxification program, it would usually bring the weight right back up.
  4. Two ways to protect your liver from the worst effects of alcohol are to eat a lot of beets and abstain for a week on a regular basis to allow the liver cells to regenerate.
  5. The worst time to detox is right after a period of excess. it forces a weakened body to deal with the sudden release of accumulated toxins. So, be careful before you actually set up your mind beginning with the program.
  6. Brown rice acts like a ‘pipe cleaner’ as it travels through the intestines, absorbing waste and flushing out at the end with feces.

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