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Benefits of Panchakarma Treatments and Therapies

What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is known as a purifying treatment based on Ayurvedic Medicine from India. This method is considered as a very specific and sophisticated form of cleansing therapy in natural remedies. The therapy involved fivefold purification therapy – medicated oil therapies, perspiring remedies, dietary plans, therapeutic massage, and eradication of toxic from the body.

Panchakarma treatments

It is healing in disease states, and preventative for healthy individuals. Various toxic pollutants are major contributing factors is most diseases. Some common sources of these harmful toxins are polluted air, contaminated water, food preservatives, and coloring agents.

These toxins tend to accumulate in body tissues causing disease and degeneration. Accumulated toxins can be effectively eliminated by PK – which includes cleansing diet, mild fast, gentle laxatives, herbal oil massage, herbal sauna, Shirodhara, and colon cleansing.

According to Ayurveda, all toxic substances start out with ama which is a definition for the residue of improperly digested foodstuff. In the western world, the typically standard diet consists of foods that can be hard to digest by the human body like heavy foods, meat, dairy, sweets, oily, sour, and salty foods.

In addition, we may not able to properly digest foods if we eat too much and excessively taxed our systems, or make the system become weak with particular emotions and behaviors. In another way, this means even we are consuming nutritious foods but we still didn’t benefit from it due to improper utilization of their nutrients.

Panchakarma can slow down ama movement; this is taking place at the third and fourth stages of the cleansing process. The third stage is called Prasara and during this stage of disease manifestation, ama crowded the space of its preliminary build-up in the G-I area and then runs into other body areas.

During the fourth stage(Sthana Samshraya), the ama is scattering and enters in damaged Dhatus, in which its disruptive effect will ultimately build the last stages of the cleansing process.

For thousands of years, the Panchakarma has been tested with amazing results for delivering profound healing experience and improvement to many people who are suffering from emotional and physical disorders.

The treatment can effectively eradicate the harmful toxic residue from the deeper organs and tissues which can provide you with a feeling of rejuvenation, energetic, joy, and happiness.

This distinctive therapy pursues an in-depth assessment to figure out your dosha type, imbalances, and health conditions and then tailored a program that best suits your needs.

Herbal Oil Massage – Snehan
Special oils with detoxifying herbs are chosen for your Ayurvedic body type. These medicated herbal oils are used for a whole-body massage. Snehan massage helps relieve muscle tightness and tensions, joint aches and pains, vertebral and skeletal misalignments. It improves blood circulation to different areas of the body and nourishes the tissues.

Special healing advantages of Snehan massage are:

  • Detoxification and Lymph Drainage: Unique Ayurvedic massage strokes with a focus on areas having excess metabolic toxicity to help in detoxification and lymph drainage.
  • Herbal Cleansing Action: Special Ayurvedic detox herbs in the oil help in cleansing by their gentle effects.
  • Marma Therapy: Stimulating vital energy points distributed over the body. These points are similar to Acupuncture points.
  • Music Therapy: During Snehan massage, individualized instrumental melodies are played for their beneficial effects on emotions and deeper physiology. Music therapy also helps by promoting easy general relaxation.
  • Aroma Therapy: Various essential oils, incenses, and aromas are custom-combined to suit your body type. Like music therapy, aromatherapy also has scientifically proven beneficial effects on emotions and endocrine glands.

Herbal Sauna / Steam Bath – Sweden
After Snehan Massage, an individualized herbal sauna or herbal steam bath is done. While in the sauna you sip a special detox herbal tea and focus on slow and gentle belly-breathing. The warmth of the sauna and the detox herb tea makes you sweat, helping release toxins from body tissues.

Shirodhara – a soothing treatment in which herbal oil is poured in a steady stream onto your forehead to deeply relax your nervous system.

Gentle Colon Cleansing is done to complete your PK process. After undergoing the prescribed number of PK sessions, periodic PK treatments are recommended during seasonal changes to prevent seasonal disorders.

Panchakarma Process Reviews

Stage 1: Preparation
Adjusting your diet plan to detox and eradicate the toxic foods and elements to cleanse the mind and body, balancing the digestive system.

Stage 2: Purvakarma
This process is to take selected oils and herbs coupled with massage therapy. It then goes along with hot baths or steams to disengage the detrimental toxins from the body in-depth in the tissues to the digestive tract.

Stage 3: Purgation
A detox process that involved in the organs, small intestine, and liver.

Stage 4: Re-kindling the digestive fire
Pachan (burning ama), Dipan (kindling the digestive fire), feeling thirst, fasting, sun or moon bathing, exercise, and specialized breathing(pranayama) are the subdivisions of Shamana.

Stage 5: Basti
Detox from a greater depth inside the colon and from the tissue cells.

Stage 6: Rejuvenation
Recovering of body and balance off the digestive system.

The days required for going through the whole process is 14-21 days if a person is carrying out Panchakarma at home. Mostly only three of the detoxification processes are used. Nevertheless, customized programs can be carried out according to the personal health and wellness status.


The Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments consist of five different natural ways, which are:

1. Nasya
This consists of applying medicated oil from the nasal to detoxify amassed toxic residue of Kapha from the area of the neck and head. The treatment period depends on the person’s health condition. Average it will take up to 30 days to complete such treatment.

2. Vamana
This is a medicated emesis remedy that will eradicate toxins of Kapha that been accumulated in the respiratory tract and the body. People with a high imbalance of Kapha are most suitable for this therapy. Every day remedy consists of loosening and mobilizing the detrimental body toxins so that they can ultimately eradicate from the body.

3. Virechana
This is a medicated purgation remedy that can eradicate nasty toxins of Pitta from the body which are amassed in the gallbladder and liver. Virechana is very effective in detoxifies the gastro-intestinal tract completely. The procedure to go through this treatment is very safe without side effects.

4. Vasthi
This treatment is used to eradicate toxic compounds of the body and vitiated doshas with the use of medicated oils or liquids through vaginal canal, colon, or urethra. Vasthi can cleanse all built-up Doshas – Vata; Pitta and Kapha and particularly Vata.

5. Raktha Moksha
Raktha Moksha is known as therapy for blood vessel cleansing which eradicates the detrimental body toxins from blood with the use of blood-letting methodology like using leeches.

Panchakarma cleanse at home

You can get a Panchakarma to cleanse at home by seeking for an ayurvedic therapist around your area. This is probably the most effective holistic way to detoxify and convey consciousness to the emotional and physical body getting us more detailed of who we are.

This therapy will bring a wonderful result and healing experience which can’t be achieved by fashionable quick-fix diets that generally focus on losing weight only.

This medical system will make the body feeling calm, light, and rejuvenate. It can cleanse the in-depth tissues to make a tremendous improvement to the body. By going through the process, it will remove all the toxins from the mind and body.

In summary, the benefits of Panchakarma are as follows:

  • Different doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha get balanced.
  • Get rid of toxic substances from the body.
  • Slow down the process of aging and offering holistic health and wellness.
  • Reduce stress and relax your body and mind.
  • Improves the immune system of your body and the level of energy.
  • Restore your natural luster, glow, and fair skin.
  • Make you less reliance on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Strengthen vitality, energy, and mental clarity.
  • Help to carry out a nutritious diet and improve lifestyle.

The duration of each Panchakarma treatment is between 3 to7 days. A therapist will evaluate the person’s mental and physical conditions before prescribing this remedy.

Panchakarma is a crucial Ayurvedic treatment and therefore it needs accurate administration and advice. Anyone shouldn’t simply commence the therapy by only referring to the advice and information from an article or a book.

Most of the time, a person is not necessary to do all five forms of Panchakarma with their health condition. Therefore it is highly recommended that this treatment need to carry out with the right supervision by skilled and well-trained Ayurvedic therapists.

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