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Ayurveda Treatment In India

What is Ayurveda?

Indian Ayurveda – the quondam science of Indian holistic living says – how you live is what you become? It is the oldest scientific discipline, senescent for three and a half millennia, know to humanity to date.

A discipline for right living, Ayurveda was heralded in the Indian subcontinent some 5000 years back. This ‘science of long life’ or ‘Ayurveda’, that is what it means, has recently enjoyed enormous ├ęclat of achievement promulgated by muckle of New Age celebrities world over.

The practice of Indian Ayurveda deals with measures of correct lifestyle, healthy living along with therapeutic measures relating to mental with physical and social harmony.

Founded by ancient sages and rishis (saints) of India, Indian Ayurvedic treatments believe the human body is made up of three major elements namely Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (water) that act accordingly to shape up the human health.

Apart from these, the three elements of Indian Ayurveda are also the guiding factors of therapeutic treatment, helping to obviate disease and toxins out of the human body. Comprehensive health care, that cares and cures the body as a whole, is what Ayurvedic principles dwell on. It is among few traditional ways of medicine that involve surgery.

How Does Indian Ayurveda Herbs Cures?

Ayurveda was born in India long ago during 5000 BC and is banked for its healing principles as well as paraphernalia, which was scripted in Rig Veda (the traditional book of Indians), from oral tradition to a book format and again to an independent science of living justly life.

The most appealing aspect of Ayurvedic treatments in India and elsewhere are its methods of healing like lifestyle regimen, herbs, diet, meditation, yoga, and astrology.

The scientific therapy recommends several techniques like massage, exercise, bodywork as well as many other treatments for a harmonious balance of body and mind. Likewise, the modus operandi of this wonderful science entails several other secret therapies applied in accordance with nature.

Tried and tested over years ‘Ayurveda Treatments’ is the new face of the Indian Tourism Industry, attracting a beeline of global guests to India. In recent years Ayurvedic treatments in India is booming with its wings spreading to major nations of the world, thence, making India a major flocking ground for many.

What are those special treatments that Ayurveda offers?

Unlike the tests conducted for better diagnosis in Allopathic treatments, Ayurvedic treatment in India begins with the reading of pulse or ‘naadi ‘(nadi gyan) in its very own terms. Besides, a lot is emphasized on a proper diet regime.

The Indian Ayurvedic treatment is a two-pronged strategy: Samana (oral) medicines and Sodhana (treatment for chronic ailments). The latter aims at transforming the sick body completely to its original state.

There is a number of special treatments like oil bath, rice bath and leaf bundle massage that are known to cure ailments like polyneuritis, spinal problems, motor neuron disease, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, facial palsy, gastric, or peptic ulcers and so on.

Indian Ayurveda offers an unending list of wholesome treatments that eradicate and guards the body of toxins and ailments. Whether it is about chronic rheumatism or colitis or weak body muscles, Ayurveda is a comprehensive storehouse of medications and treatments for all kinds of maladies.

Here are some enticing Ayurvedic temptations like Ayurvedic Facial, Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment, Mother Earth Science, Yemana Ocean Therapy, and Neurotherapy.

What is Ayurveda Spa Tours?

India is a one-stop destination where you get to learn the right way of living and well-being, the right environment for the replenishment of body and mind. There are umpteen numbers of Ayurvedic Centers and spa across the length and breadth of India that feed the learners and practitioners with the right lifestyle, Himalaya being the foremost outset point.

ayurveda treatment

Serving to the growing demands Ayurveda seekers many places like Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala are bidding to open Ayurvedic Spa and health resorts.

The Spa Resort Holidays have become recent vacation trendsetters among the world-trotters. Away from the din of city hustle-bustle, vacationing in the serenity and simplicity of the resorts are the best vacation ideas in India. Bump into the soothing environ of these spas to brush aside the underlying dereliction for the ‘soul of your living’.

Famous Ayurveda Retreats


Kerala is the ancient seat of Ayurveda and herbal science of India. The tropical heaven of the south-western seaboard. It is a prominent center of herbal therapies, and several ayurvedic wonder treatments conducted and applied with special procedures and formulations. Take your pick from some of the famed resorts offering Ayurvedic packages in Kerala.


A new addition to the row of Ayurveda centers in India, Rajasthan has paced up to adapt the newfangled healthy lifestyle in its Resorts and heritage accommodations. The buzz is all about Ayurveda Centers and spa in the state. There are a number of hotels and centers serving as pickets against unhealthy lifestyles and diseases.

As a mark of success, Rajasthan has seen a major boost in its state tourism section with the commencement of these spas. Visit these spas and go for a herbal holiday in Rajasthan’s resort in order to replenish your mind and body.


A land of sun, sand, and surf, Goa can be better utilized for a wholesome health renewal. A trip to the beach city assures regeneration of grey and dead cells as Goa has a large number of Ayurvedic centers attuned to nature in many ways. Goa happens to be the quondam center of India where Ayurveda practices are not any new concept, rather an engrafted attribute.

The natural environment, pure air, and the sea add precious efforts to the age-old science of India. Keri Village is a minuscule section of Goa dedicated to Ayurvedic healing and therapies, involving typical methods used for the purpose of curing sick and fatigued.

The beatific beach city is home to world-renowned spas like Tamara spa in Taj Exotica, Jiva Spa, Taj Aguada, Ayurdharam Radisson, and Goa Mariott. Besides these, there are other inexpensive places like Ayurvedic Natural Health Center and Amrita Kerala Ayurveda.


Ayurveda and Himalayas share a unique relation from time unknown. Born and developed by the sages or ‘rishis’ (saints)of India, Ayurveda saw its fist outset in the Himalayas- the spiritually enlightened zone of India. The snow-capped crest of India is the source of 80% of Ayurvedic herbs and medicine.

Tapping the rich Himalayan resources in the best possible manner, a number of Ayurvedic Resorts and Spas have popped up in the Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan region. Choose your pick from following resorts for a thoroughgoing Ayurvedic tour in the hills.

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