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Ayurveda Health and Beauty Care

Ayurveda health care and treatments are based on the main intention of removing Ava (toxins) from the body together with cellular nutrition and re-balancing of the Doshas.

ayurveda beauty care
Ayurveda beauty care

The type of diet you follow and the lifestyle you conduct are two of the main factors that decide about your wellness and physical beauty.

Herbal remedies by Ayurveda are related to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the mind while it relates to beauty as an intimate part of the human personality.

Ayurveda treatments of rejuvenation will help you achieve a faster beautifying process with its cleansing and re-balancing effects.

This effective and multi-benefit Ayurveda therapy shows anyone the way to achieve beauty the natural way which doesn’t only stop at the physical aspect but also reaches out to one’s qualities and vitality.

Deriving from what we mentioned, the rejuvenation healing herbal therapy is also regarded as a self-care treatment and the kick start to a life adorned by wellness and health-wise practices.

Happiness, sadness, and practically any feeling reflect in one’s beauty features, especially the face.

These effects are impossible to hide with cosmetics and for this reason, Ayurveda medicine studies basis its techniques on both internal and external beauty.

Follow these basic principles as instructed by Ayurveda India’s descendant for a more beautiful life.

The state of realization is also referred to by Ayurveda products as the third level of beauty as inscribed within the history of herbal medicine.

Ayurveda therapies are based on the real beauty that concerns the overall human body’s well being and reflects in one’s daily humor and personality.

Looking Beautiful The Natural Way Without The Need of Make-Up

Our skin is constantly challenged by many various hazards coming from the environment around us and our own movements and practices.

Pollution and other chemical particles in the air are amongst the most dangerous for the skin’s condition and looks together with the sun’s rays.

Ayurveda treatments include several healing herbal recipes to prevent skin disorders that anyone may both prepare and consume as a home remedy in Ayurveda’s repertoire.

Simple Herbal Remedies

All these simple herbal remedies will help anyone to achieve finer skin with better pigmentation and color.

Take a look at the following list of health herbal precautions and tips to maintain that natural beauty of the skin;

A mixture of equal quantities of cucumber juice and rose water together with lime juice will formulate a great natural herbal remedy for your skin that should later be applied after washing the face and left overnight.

50ml of raw milk (not boiled) and a pinch of salt together with two teaspoons of lime juice produces a herbal medicine natural cleansing lotion. This lotion is very beneficial for the skin’s overall wellness by cleaning the skin pores.

Removing pimples, blackheads together with other skin stains and rendering your skin soft can be done by applying this lotion every night before sleeping. The lotion is obtained by mixing equal quantities of glycerin, rose water, and lime juice.

50ml of tomato juice together with a teaspoon of lemon juice is also an ideal herbal product to be applied to the face in order to gain that glowing look and skin softness.

It is possible for you to remove unwanted hair on your face with the help of Ayurveda mixture. Apply natural skincare mixture that made up of equal sums of wheat flour and turmeric powder. Mix them together with a paste of sesame oil and apply on your face.

For soft and smooth skin, you can make use of orange juice and apply them equally to the face.

To fight against aging effects such as wrinkles on your face, you can take a tsp of honey and mix them with 30ml of cabbage juice.

To achieve that glowing effect on the face’s skin, apply a paste of raw carrots, and wash after an hour.

You can also sometimes take mint juice and apply it to the face. Mint juice is very effective in remove stains and provides great nutrients to the face’s skin.

Ayurvedic Nail Care

The nails and their general condition is a mirror reflecting one’s bodily tissues process according to the history of herbal medicine texts.

Ashti Dhatu

An interesting fact about the nails is that they are referred to as the bones’ waste product or in Ayurveda India’s native language; Ashti Dhatu.

The general condition and looks of healthy nails should be pink in color, smooth, and evenly shaped.

This is the condition of your nails Ayurveda herb treatments and extracts will help you achieve.

nail care
nail care

Improper Diet Can Cause Nail Disorders

An improper or irregular diet will induce various nail disorders such as the following list, while please note that different herbal products are available to serve as healing herbal remedies for the mentioned disorders:

  • Split and flaky nails
  • White Spots
  • Vertical Ridges
  • Discoloration of the nail bed

Following is a list of nails’ condition according to one’s bodily predominant Dosha as pointed out by Ayurveda health studies:

Vata Dosha: Irregular shape, Pale, Rough, and Brittle.
Pitta Dosha: Oval shape, Soft, Strong, and flexible.
Kapha Dosha: Square shape, white in color, thick and large.

According to natural herbal medicine suggests the following herbal nutrition encourage healthy nail growth:

  • Sesame seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dairy products
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit
  • Dark green leafy vegetables

Another Ayurveda treatment to help the nails grow healthier is an Ayurveda skincare cream made out of almond oil and honey. The herbal vitamins contained in this mixture helps to nourish the nails and also turns the skin softer and smoother. Apply said paste to your hands and leave overnight.

Ayurvedic Mouth Care

The mouth care is a very varied process to carry out due to the many organs that together contribute to form our mouths, such as the teeth and tongue.

The teeth, for example, apart from being the major cause of mouth diseases and/or disorders, are also mostly responsible for our breath’s smell. Adorned by Ayurveda care herbal inscriptions, the following article will pas you over some useful tips for your mouth care.

mouth care

History of herbal medicine has taught us that foul breath is normally caused by bad food digestion in the stomach, therefore you need not only wash your teeth well and practice mouth gargles but also tend to the digestion problem.

A natural herbal remedy is to do this by fasting for a whole day to then follow by a light and easily digestible diet. Digestion can also be improved by consuming any of the following; aloe-vera gel, lemon juice, and ginger.

Teeth relations according to Ayurveda

Bad eating habits, tea, coffee, and tobacco are amongst the most common causes of teeth disorders one encounters during his life span (with sweets at the top of the list amongst infants).

Anyone should make it a must to clean his and/or her teeth twice daily while after eating one should also gargle in order to rinse well the teeth and mouth in general, leaving no food particles stuck to the teeth. Indian herbal medicine emphasizes greatly on this point.

Ayurveda health inscriptions suggest eating hard crispy fruit which results to be good for the teeth.

In case of discolored teeth, Herbal treatments suggest you wash them with lemon or lime juice added with salt.

Toothache can be eased by applying a couple of drops of clove oil or cinnamon.

Your health herbal diet should also include all types of citrus fruits, pomegranates, and guavas in order to maintain healthy gums and prevent disorders since all of them contain vitamin C.

The digestive system demonstrates its condition through the tongue. The tongue’s coating determines physical disorders while the presence of a mucus-like coating points out the presence of Ama, a toxic byproduct deriving from improper eating habits and also poor digestion.

Foot Care in Ayurvedic Way

Anyone agrees with the Ayurveda’s proven (and felt) theory that the legs are the most stressed of all bodily organs, but the legs are also the most often overlooked and forgotten feature of our body, especially by men.

Ayurveda care herbal inscriptions warn that lack of proper foot cultivation will result in disorders varying from slight annoyances to more serious complications. Such examples are cracks in the skin, bunions, and also infections.

foot care

A simple hint from Ayurveda health texts; Daily massaging your feet with indicated oils will result in softer and supple feet while even obtaining a relaxing feeling.

Treating Corns

If the feet are not sitting comfortably in their holding shoes then the bony parts of the foot are vigorously rubbed with the shoes, while the extra pressure incurred interferes with blood circulation thus resulting in corns.

Herbal Remedies:

  1. Frequently apply on the corn/s any one of the following; milky juice from green figs, papaya juice, or sap from the marigold stem.
  2. Another natural herbal remedy is a slice of lemon bandaged around the corn and left overnight.

Healing Herbal Remedy for Cracks on Heels

Aggravation of the Pitta and Vata Doshas caused by excessive exposure of the feet to the sun, water, and wind causes cracks to the feet especially to the heels according to Ayurveda medicine studies. Herbal products are also ideal for cracks caused by continuous barefoot walking on rough surfaces.

  1. Take three tablespoons of bees’ wax mixed to 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, warm up and apply to cracked areas as it is clearly stated within the history of herbal medicine.
  2. Apply sesame oil or Ghee.
  3. 1 teaspoon of mango tree sap mixed with 1 tablespoon of water may also be applied as an Ayurveda herb paste against cracks in the feet.

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