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Ayurveda Food Combining Chart and Guideline

Many people would like to know how they can improve their digestion and how they can eliminate the uncomfortable of heartburn, gas, acid reflux, acne and other discomforts that they have.

Well, most of the times all of these discomforts are actually caused by improper food combining. When people first start to eat ayurvedic food, they may notice a little bit of bloating because they are not used to eating so many fruits and vegetables. One of the ways to make this experience to be the most pleasant for you is by practicing proper food combining rules.

Because I want to make eating ayurvedic food to be the best experience possible for you, I am going to share with you the guideline and recipes about the proper food combining.

Food Combining Theory

The theory was first discovered by a medical doctor in the early 1890s. The doctor identified and categorized the foods into different categories to prevent the conflict reaction between different foods. By following the food chart, every one of us can consume the right foods in the most efficient way and live a healthy life always.

Combining Chart

There are many different Ayurveda foods combining chart that you can find on the internet. But here we are going to focus only on one that is specifically base around on Ayurveda food.

Before getting into the complexities of food combining, first, let us study the basic rundown of a full Ayurveda food combining base on water content.

If you need to chart, you can refer here.

food combining chartimage source

It is always good pieces of advice for you to eat the juicy thing first and not a too juicy thing after. The reason for this is that juicy food like watermelons, cucumbers, and grapes are all tend to digest from your system extremely quickly with approximately just between 1 to 2 hours.

Green such as lettuce, romaine or vegetable like broccoli can take up to 3 hours to properly digest from your system. So I always recommend people to eat juicy things first and less juicy things after to allow enough time for better digestion and elimination.

In the Ayurveda food combining chart, you can see there are different things combined like watermelon, strawberry, acid fruits, sweet fruits, and even vegetable.

Easy Fruits Consumption

As we move to display the little Ayurveda food circle, let’s start with the easy juicy fruit which is cantaloupe. This fruit is best for anyone to eat alone because they are absolute juicy fruit that you can have on this planet. They digest very quickly usually within the hour. So you can always eat them alone to let those entire yummy juicy digest very quickly in your system.

The next juicy fruit is typically acid fruits. Those fruits are including orange, pineapple, grape, or tomato. They are yummy fruits but they sometimes didn’t combine well with other foods because they are acidic. As these fruits mixed very well with their food group, you can use them to make juicy smoothies for your consumption.

They also work really well with some other sub-acid fruits like apple or pear, which are fruits that not that sweet but still delicious to eat.

Sub-acid fruits can also be mixed with fruits like nectarine or peach and even cucumber. All these fruits mixed perfectly well with green. If you want to eat them with a salad, it is recommended to eat them before you get your salad or mixed them in. But never eat any acid fruits after you eat a salad to avoid acidic fermentation in your stomach which will give you gas.

The next group is sub-acid fruits which are kind of neutral fruits because they are not too acidic and they are not too sweet as well. This group of fruits typically includes fruits like apple, pear, mango, kiwi, blueberry, and cherry. These fruits mixed very well with both acidic and sweet fruits.

And they are definitely an amazing addition to any type of vegetable dish for salad. However, if you do want to eat them with green, you should always eat them first to allow them to have enough time to digest properly so that they are not sitting on top of your green and giving you a stomach ache.

When you eat sub-acid fruits and acid fruits before your salad or before any vegetable dish, it allows proper digestion and helps to eliminate any type of discomfort.

Sweet Fruits

The next group of fruit is sweet fruits and this is most people favorite group because many people tend to love sweet things.

Sweet fruits are including banana, dates or any type of tropical fruits. Sweet fruits are very low in water content and because they are so sweet, they usually high in calorie. These fruits are great for athletes who want more energy and need more fuel throughout the day.

However, these fruits do not mix well with acid fruits because when they mixed together, they are very different in water content and it is kind of like oil and vinegar. They can give you indigestion, gas, acid reflux. or they can create acidic fermentation in your stomach.

A bad example of Ayurveda food combining would be something like a banana with oranges because they are very different in water content. If you want to make a smoothie with these two fruits, you will see the banana float at the top and orange at the bottom. If you drink it, it is going to be the same in your stomach and this can create acidic fermentation and even bad breath for you.

For people who eat a lot of sweet fruits and they still want some juicy fruits before and after. You can always eat sub-acid fruits or drink a lot of water before you eat these fruits to keep hydrated.

For those who wish to improve your digestion and get it solid, try a mono meal. A mono meal is eating one fruit at a time for a full meal and you eat enough of that particular fruit to feel satisfied, to get enough calories and feel super energetic.


Vegetables like leafy greens, broccoli, herbs, or avocados are mixed well with the salad. They all have similar water content. Vegetables that are leafy green are typically mixed very well with other fruits as long as those fruits are eating before or the fruits are mix together to be eaten together with salad.

You also want to make sure that you didn’t combine acid fruits, sweet fruits, and salad together. One reminder is that fruit shouldn’t be combined with nuts as well since it digests quicker than nuts which may cause your stomach to become very uncomfortable.

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