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Alicia is interested in human behavior and holistic healthcare in both collective and individual. She also loves all surrounding systems of thought which make her to start to research and practice Ayurveda on her daily basis. The rigor, effectiveness, innovative connection somewhere between states of challenge and relieve experience empowered her to continue practicing. Typically the magnificence of equilibrium between collective and individuality, classical thought associated with unorthodox practices, been created a constructive challenge for her and she is keen to inspires others with this ceaselessly useful modality.

Having Strong Believe in Ayurveda
Alicia possesses a robust believe in Ayurveda which she is convinced it can provides an emancipatory choice for healthcare with the possible ways to connect individual spiritual aspirations, self-awareness as well as social justice. She used to inflicted by tinnitus but she managed to cure herself with Ayurveda treatment. She has always loved people, and has an in-depth wish to have them to feel pleasant, healthy and deserving of love. By making use of Ayurveda as her guide, she has came across she is able to assists people who are needing help.

Once, she ever help one of her friends who been suffered with digestive disorder for many years. Her friend been tried numerous ways to get rid of this ailment without any success. All the medicine that she prescribed and consumed show no improvement as well. In 2010 she has a chance to attend a seminar that recommended by Alicia and being held near where she stay , her life changed forever in that seminar by meeting her guru, Jiva, who is a traditionally properly trained instructor and master healer of Ayurveda from India. After the seminar, her friend joined the two-month self healing course and she became very passion to the practice of Ayurveda. She experienced personally the usefulness and life changing power of this 5000 year-old of restorative healing and witnessed her body heal completely from the supposed not curable disease according to doctors.

Establish Philosophy of Self Enjoyment
Through out the years of practicing, Alicia start realized that a person should know that self enjoyment is a philosophy of life and an attitude to life. It has their own unique imprint on the idea of understanding and emblems for every thing. Everyone should have their own private time to enjoy the private realm, private fitness and private life. This can make them to achieve a high-grade life. With the supplement of Yoga, a person can freely practice Ayurveda and seeking for their own unique taste. By doing so, their life will turn into a healthy, balanced, and high quality of life, and this has become the secret for urban people to remain healthy and happy.

Thus, to attain a peaceful mind for your life, do visit the site often to know more about Ayurveda and let’s practice together!

More About The Page

The healthy culture delivered by Ayurveda India has provided the world with is so fascinating and effective that the more you involve yourself the more you will want to know about it, about the proven Ayurveda care herbal medicine and remedies.

This site will deliver the useful and intriguing Ayurveda related articles that treats various topics you should remember when practicing any of the Ayurveda treatments or acquiring and using the herbal products.

The Ayurveda skin care and cosmetology in general are outlined by a set of simple rules which one must check to conform with prior to involving in herbal treatments and product usage.

This site will inform and set you on the right path of well being whenever you are practicing any Ayurveda therapy or product consumption by following said rules.

A part from being a great starting point for your natural herbal medicine and remedies experience, the articles found on this site is also interesting and involving in other ways with the facts it mentions along the site.

Such facts that are either well known but often over looked topics or simply forgotten when it comes to practice.

This site is adorned by numerous links that will take you to other pages on the same site such as the Ayurveda doshas and the herbal menopause remedy pages.

Other links are also available, directing you to other affiliated sites also treating the Ayurveda herb wellness subjects and products.

Visit this site frequently if you want to be further informed with important aspects about health herbal practices but not only that, the articles contain also information that are well worth knowing in any case,¬†even if you won’t be using any healing herbal resource.

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