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9 Amazing Benefits of Curd and How to Make it

Yogurt or curd has numerous health benefits. For a long time, many health experts have recommended it for getting rid of several health ailments. In some Asian countries such as India, it is compulsory to take curd together with meals. If the meal has no curd, it is believed to be incomplete.

It is also used for beauty and herbal treatments. The curd is solid than the liquid product and contains protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and fats. There is also a significant percentage of water in curd.

benefits of curd
benefits of curd

Curd is consumed in almost every country around the world. According to various studies, the curd is a bowel best friend. It is used as a home remedy due to its numerous benefits. However, in some countries, most people are not aware of the health benefits they can attain by having curd. Below are nine health benefits of curd.

Benefits of curd

1. Improves digestion

Curd contains live bacteria that are beneficial and helps to improve gut activity, treat an upset stomach, and calm irritated digestive system.

2. Improves the immunity

The live elements found in curd help to fight germs and keep the intestinal track protected.

3. Good for the skin

Yogurt has a soothing effect on the skin and is good for healing the dry skin. Most people develop acne due to gastrointestinal issues. It is great for marinating a healthy and active gut leading to healthy skin. It is also an amazing beauty ingredient for the face as it has lactic acid that helps to clear dead cells.

4. Good in reducing high blood pressure

According to numerous studies, people who take curd more often are less expected to develop high blood pressure. Yogurt has special nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and other minerals that help to lower blood pressure. Curd is also good for promoting a healthy heart.

5. Help to prevent vaginal infections

Curd is also good for women. It helps to prevent vaginal infections. It discourages the growth of yeast infections. It has Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that control the growth of infection. It kills the yeast by creating hydrogen peroxide.

6. It is excellent for the bones

As per health experts, a cup of curd has more than 275mg of calcium. This means a daily dose can improve your bones, and strengthen them as well.

7. Curd benefits the heart

Yogurt helps to maintain a healthy heart. By controlling levels, your heart can remain healthy.

8. Good for external use

Most people are not aware that curd can eliminate dandruff. By rubbing curd on the scarp, you can easily reduce dandruff. It is an anti-fungal that is good for the scalp.

9. Helps to combat stress

By taking curd often, you will be able to reduce anxiety and stress. It offers a cool feeling needed to combat stress.

What are the side-effects of having curd?

  • If you have yogurt regularly, expect to add some weight. People who are obese need to know that curd is a good stimulant to add weight.
  • Excess consumption of curd can lead to constipation.
  • If you have hyperacidity problems, minimize yogurt consumption.

There is something different between curd and yogurt. If you want to know their differences, you can read on this post that talks about Curd vs. Yogurt.

Learn How Recipes with Curd Can Make You Healthy

There are major benefits of curd that can help your health drastically. As we all know Yoplait is a popular brand in America. This is because the curd provides numerous health benefits especially to the diabetic people and those who suffer from allergy for dairy products. In fact, right now, the curd is being sold in retail stores across America.

Curd can really help your body conditions and you should not do away with it during your mealtimes. From my own experience, to have the greatest benefits of curd is to make it at home with recipes or you can make with a curd maker machine. To prepare a healthy curd, you can decide to use a curd maker or use homemade curd recipes.

Is curd healthy?

From my own experience, this is definitely a BIG YES. Let’s discuss the in-depth benefits of curd and how to use various tools in preparing a healthy curd.

How to be successful in making a healthy curd without scalding the milk

Let me ask you this question: can you be successful in making a healthy curd without scalding the milk in the original milk carton? OK. When you are preparing a homemade curd, you can either use plain milk or scald milk sometimes known as (UHT). If you are using UHT you do not need to scald the milk.

But remember you can be successful in using ultra-pasteurized organic milk by going straight into curd maker that’s after warming it up to 100 degrees in the microwave. By the way, there are two powerful curd makers that are widely used and they are euro cuisine yogurt maker and Salton yogurt maker.

From my own experience, I would recommend that you look at them and see how powerful they are. If you are using euro cuisine let the milk get room temperature before you mix things up and you will have no problems with bacteria.

Or alternatively, if you have Salton YM9 1-quart yogurt maker, you can bring the milk to only 120 degrees and then cool it to 115 and your curd will always turn out great. I hope you can see the benefit of curd with the help of a yogurt maker.

Another way to have a healthy curd is to thicken the curd by adding the powdered milk i.e (+/-10T powdered milk to 1.5L of milk) From other schools of thought, I think if you do not boil the milk, you will keep all the enzymes and you will not be able to separate the whey after. If you don’t want to boil the milk, you can buy raw milk, as in pasteurized milk there is none.

The enzymes help to digest the milk protein as most people are unable to digest and that is the main cause of all the tolerances and allergies. But if you need to boil the milk, make sure to heat it to the right temperature and you will get the right and healthy curd. The right temperature is 10F (50) but if you have the right Salton yogurt maker it will bring it to the right temperature.

On the second thought, you may not have enough money to buy yogurt maker, but still, you want to have a healthy curd, what you will do is to make curd without the yogurt maker by following the details below:

My Method:

You should scald milk by heating in a bottomed pan till it’s almost ready to boil and then turn off the heat and let it cool till you can dip your finger into it comfortably. I have found taking 2 tablespoons curd of any brand for 4 cups of milk is enough to make a good starter.

Take a tablespoon curd of any brand for 4 cups of milk is enough to make a good start. Take the starter curd in a cup and mix it with a spoon to make it smooth and then slowly add some of your heated and cooled milk to it till its uniformly blended curd-milk liquid.

Pour this milk mix in a tall straight-walled jar with a lid and wrap in a fluffy blanket and keep it warm put it inside an oven till the curd sets in a bowl 6-8 hours or overnight.

As you can see to have a healthy curd is an easy task that you can develop on your own without going to buy it from the stores.

The benefits of curd are a super beverage that you should adopt in your life and this will make your health to be good and steady.

When buying curd, make sure to check their calories that are within the curd. Calories matter a lot when it comes to your health and I would recommend that you buy sugar-free curd brands.

I hope you have learned more about the recipes with curd and how you can prepare and serve it. For the best results, I would encourage that you make homemade curd for your positive health. If you have any positive ideas based on the benefits of curd, I would encourage that you share them in the comment below if you don’t mind.

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