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10 Surprising Secrets No One Told You About Meditation

Throughout thousands of years and across many cultures, people across the globe have been meditating. Whether you are new to meditation or are experienced in the practice, there are always new aspects of this tradition waiting to be discovered.

Continue reading to explore some astonishing secrets about meditation.


1. Your Mind Will Quiet Itself

Rather than actively attempting to silence your mind, when meditating, your mind will quiet itself. Whether you are focused on your breathing or chanting a mantra, you will soon begin to just be present, to “just be”. If you attempt to control your thoughts, they will just multiply. As you relax your thoughts begin to vanish, leaving you more present at the moment. Your mind quiets itself by becoming more present.

2. All It Takes Is A Few Minutes

There is no rule saying that a meditation period must be 30 minutes. All you need to be present is a few moments. It is recommended to have a daily meditation routine, but you can still be present while waiting on line in a store, or waiting in a doctor’s office for a few minutes. It is important to incorporate meditation into your daily life in any way possible.

3. Observe Your Breathing. It’s As Simple As That

Meditation, to some, seems obscure and difficult, but it is actually extremely simple. In many forms of meditation, all you do is focus on your breathing. Just sit in a quiet, peaceful place and focus on your breaths, that’s really all it is. Your mind will try to wander, just bring your attention back to your breathing. It’s easy.

4. When Your Mind Wanders, Notice How You React

When people begin meditating, they will observe that their mind will wander easily. If this frustrates you, it will cause even more grief and distress. Rather than get worked up about it, just bring your attention back to your breathing, bringing yourself to the present.

5. Anyone Can Meditate

There are no limitations on who can meditate. Whether your 85 years old or 5 years old, you can give meditation a try. Meditation does not discriminate. Some people believe they are not spiritual, so meditation is not for them, but this is far from the truth. Meditation could be for everyone.

6. Meditation Can Be From Any Position

When people picture meditation, they think of the typical cross-legged lotus position. A lot of meditation fanatics admire this pose, but the truth is that you could meditate from any position. You can meditate sitting in a chair, laying down, or even standing. As long as you are comfortable, then you are in a position to meditate.

7. Meditation Can Be Done Anytime, Anyplace

We would not recommend meditating at Yankee Stadium during a tied game in the bottom of the ninth inning, but it is true that you can be present anytime, anyplace. No matter where you are you can “just be”. Try meditating during some of the more unorthodox places during your day.

8. Observe Your Body’s Feelings

Being present is simple when you focus on the feelings within your body. Even if you do not feel anything notable within you, bring your focus to the sensations that go along with being alive, perhaps your heartbeat, or the feelings within your arms and legs.

9. We Have Always Known How To Be Present. We Just Had To Learn Again

When you look into the eyes of a newborn baby, you do not see worry or stress. Babies are present, not absorbed in oodles of thoughts like we are. Meditation brings back this experience of “no thinking”.

10. There Is No “Right Way”

There are several different techniques and ways to meditate, but none of these is the absolute “right way”. We are all different and therefore respond to these methods differently. It is important to find out what works for YOU. Experiment different methods and vary them so they best fit yourself.

Calm Your Mind With Ayurveda Meditation

Who is a healthy Individual according to Ayurveda?

He who, being established in Self,
has balanced doshas (the governing principles of physiology),
Balanced Agni (healthy appetite and digestion),
Properly formed Dhatus (tissues),
proper elimination of Malas (wastes),
Proper functioning kriyas (bodily processes),
And whose manas (mind),
Atman (soul), and
Indriya (senses) are full of bliss -is called a healthy person.

Why Meditate?

80% of all illnesses start with the mind and a Vata disturbance thereof, and in today’s frenetic lifestyle which is extremely stressful, even the pace of life is not something our ancestors had to deal with.

We all know that stress ages us prematurely, and causes severe depletion of the immune system and overburdens the adrenal system, creating an internal environment of catabolism(destruction/depletion) In Ayurveda, this is called a Vata disturbance that has now gone to the tissues of the body.

Meditation is one of the most powerful methods we can use to help quiet the mind and bring inner calm and create a strong resistance to stress, the health benefits are tremendous, and the side effects are amazing, clarity of mind and increased mental focus to name just a few, as well as increasing your mental acuity.

nature meditation
nature meditation

How to Meditate

One of the most profound meditations in Ayurveda is the SO HUM meditation, it is simple to learn and very effective, and it is extremely relaxing both as a meditation practice it is known for reducing stress in the autonomic nervous system.

Sitting Correctly

Sit in a meditative posture either crossing your legs and straightening your spine, or alternatively sitting on the edge of a chair, with your spine straight. Close your eyes and:

Breathing and The SO HUM

Inhale deeply and slowly – with inhalation say “SOOOOOOOOOO” in your mind(not aloud)

Exhale deeply and slowly, slightly longer than the inhalation and say “HUUMMMMMMMMMMMM” in your mind

Keep doing this with each breath in and out, you will find it one of the most profoundly calming practices, Keep going for around 108 repetitions or more and you will be simply amazed how utterly relaxed your entire system will be.

Here you can hear some good relaxing music to assist you when practicing your meditation.

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